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Al Gensaco, the Founder of Gensaco, Incorporated.

Sergei Davidienkus has total control over the entire production output at the plant in Milan, Italy. He is the right person for the exhaustive position as COO of the Company, but to him the many responsibilities that his position entails are just routine. After 21 years dedicated to the success of Gensaco, Mr. Davidienkus will retire in 2004. He is already making plans to spend his retirement time at his farm in Tuscany, where he grooms 12 horses and a couple of ostriches. Ride on, Sergei!



Gensaco, Inc. is a New York Corporation in the manufacturing business since 1979. The product manufactured is commercial and domestic Espresso Cappuccino Machines. The objective of Gensaco, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is to become a major player in the Specialty Coffee Industry.

The Company started in 1979 out of a 3000 sq.ft. loft apartment in New York City. A steady, progressive growth necessitated the leasing of various warehouses in the New York metropolitan area where the products were manufactured and stored. The Company was incorporated in the State of New York back in 1981.

Mr. Al Gensaco started to import small, home style, inexpensive Espresso Makers in 1979 when the meaning of 'espresso' or 'cappuccino' were all but familiar to the average American, and there could very well exist the possibility that 'espresso' had something to do with shipping a parcel from New York to LA in a day or so.

It was thanks to Mr. Gensaco's broad experience acquired in the field of Espresso Coffee that he was able to accomplish the manufacturing of commercial Espresso machines in 1995. His experience also enabled him to create new products, which not only simplify the process of brewing espresso and making cappuccino, but also cost considerably less than other products manufactured by the competition, without, mind you, sacrificing quality and performance.

Mr. Gensaco's ability to communicate his ideas both in writing and in person was also a great asset to the success of Gensaco, Inc. A great preponderance of merit to the success of Gensaco Inc. was also attributed to Mr. Gensaco's extensive contacts with foreign Distributors, his fluency in foreign languages (he can speak Italian, English, French, Spanish), his communications skills and his unwavering integrity. Mr. Gensaco attended 4 years of College at the Liceo Classico "Convitto Nazionale Longoni" in Milan, Italy where he studied Italian Literature, Latin and ancient Greek from 1964 to 1968. He now benevolently says that those "dead-for-centuries-nobody-uses-languages-of-the-past" greatly helped him learn modern foreign languages faster and also opened ‘his mind to better understand things'.

Gensaco, Inc.is now involved in much more than coffee equipment. In fact the company now roasts and packages an extensive variety of coffees imported from around the world, imports a line of superior quality Restaurant Equipment which is in high demand from among the network of Dealers presently working with Gensaco, Inc., and continually seeks to establish relationships with domestic and international Distributors in order to promote its large roster of products.

All the executives employed at Gensaco, Inc. think that it is healthy and prolific to have their minds, spirit and energy always occupied in something to do.
To create, innovate, experiment and, yes, fail and correct the mistakes, for that matter, is a not only a prerogative, but also a distinctive and honorable trait of the human species.
It is with these specific qualities that the management of Gensaco, Inc. faces the many challenges in today’s competitive marketplace.

An appropriate description of Gensaco’s Inc. marketing organization is "lean and hungry". Some of Gensaco’s Inc. more prominent client have been American Airlines, Alitalia Airline, The Board of Education of New York City, The Trump Tower, RAI Corporation, AIG Insurance, Dun & Bradstreet, Hugo Boss, At the Sign of the Dove, Primavera Restaurant.

All management personnel have years of experience in marketing & sales of coffee and coffee related equipment.
The Company has assembled a qualified team of professionals who have a full range of business experience.

The principal stockholders of Gensaco, Inc. are: Al Gensaco who works out of the Milan’s Factory, Dominick Salvador, Sergei Davidienkus, Robert Somer, Jeff Somer and Janice Somer , who make up the executive staff at the headquarters of Gensaco, Inc. in Newark, NJ - USA.

The Company may, from time to time, grant options to existing shareholders, directors and key employees under the terms of a stock option plan. The stock option plan is administered by the Board of Directors, who reserves the right to grant stock options.

The Market.

That the Espresso Market has exploded in the US and other Countries is an established fact. That this Market will become a global market reaching its capillary potential by imposing its presence in the most remote regions of Africa, Asia and Australia is a distinct possibility.

GENSACO, Inc. looked first to establish a Market in North America and then it developed export opportunities in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

The Espresso machines market is becoming a huge, unstoppable industry with a total turnover figure of recent sales of espresso equipment in Europe alone amounting to more than $ 1 Billion per year. Sales are expected to increase about 7% per year worldwide.

We have now a shining present overlooking the specialty coffee market, which it seems to have entered a positive, endless loop of innovation and vigor. We foresee that this shining present will become as bright a future as bright can be.

Tag along and let us share the enthusiasm with you.

GENSACO, Inc. reserves the right to change technical specifications to the products herein featured without further notice.