Carts ::::

All Carts prices
vary from a minimum
of $12,500 to a maximum
of $35,000 depending
on the equipment chosen to be used and installed
in the cart.

Please contact us for a detailed account of the equipment available
and its cost.
Coffee Cart ::::
Customizable in every detail, our Coffee-Espresso Cart will take you anywhere and produce excellent espresso based beverages, flavored or decaffeinated. Provisions have been made to accommodate ice and a blender for those irresistible Iced Mochaccinos and Lattes.
Crepes Cart ::::
Customizable in every detail, our Crepes Cart can produce delicious crepes, pancakes or waffles in just a few minutes. Fill those crepes with hazelnut chocolate or strawberries or your favorite ice cream flavor for a real, succulently tempting experience.
Smoothie Cart ::::
Take this Cart in the Park or at the Airport or at the Movie Theatre. You probably will have to hire an extra pair of hands just to keep up with the demand for freshly squeezed drinks, tempting smoothies and milk shakes or anything else that you can concoct with fruit juices.
Hot Dog Cart ::::
A classic fast food-on-the-run for the busy and the not-so-busy New Yorker. “ Mustard or Ketchup?”, “Onions or relish?” Well…You‘ll take it from here. Won’t you?
Chicken Cart ::::
Customizable in every detail, our Chicken Cart has been studied to optimize work space and create a compact, yet pleasant structural appearance. Delicious French Fries, crunchy chicken bytes and onion burgers : every specialty is fried to order with infrared rays leaving no grease to handle.
Tech Cart ::::
Our Standard Cart is lightweight and compact. The Cart has been engineered and built with the user in mind. It is elegant, customizable in every detail and extremely user friendly and functional. Dimension : W. cm. 165 x D. 95 x H. 103 without the Canopy. Total Height with the Canopy cm. 220 x 120 Depth.