My interest lies in illuminating the psychological underpinnings of human behavior and society.
Blending reality and fantasy, my art is created with an aesthetic toward play, imagination
and satire. I use narrative methods to explore themes of social commentary, portraiture, and
parody. Through irreverent interpretation of surface appearances I attempt to reveal layered
meaning behind the everyday.

“If Kurt Schwitters had a female artist's wise eye for the tortured absurdities of fashion,
politics and "beauty" – he might have produced something like Paula Gillen's playful,
disrespectful and often bizarrely sensual reconstructions of the crowded American multiverse,
a Surrealist dreamscape of lush limbs and candy-colored litter under a sky exploding with
ominously joyful fireworks.” ---John Strausbaugh

“There is a palpable fearlessness in almost all of Paula Gillen's work, a readiness to take
on the world and decode its most abstruse undercurrents. Her photographs are filled with
startling juxtapositions, bold metaphors, and the freighted ambiguity which accompanies
oblique narrativity.” -- C.S. Ledbetter III