The pergola.filter library object defines filter function properties. Filter elements are not created at runtime. To use a filter assign the call to the filter attribute of an element: filter : pergola.filter.noise(). The function creates the filter with unique ID based on parameters–if it doesn't exist–and returns the URI string. Learn more in the FILTERS library section of the Tutorial. View as standalone SVG.
noise() – Rosewood
turbulence() – Burr-elm
noise() – Walnut burl
noise() – Spruce
noise() – Pine
noise() – Hay stack
noise() – Savana
noise() – Red velvet curtain
turbulence() – Stone
noise() – Stone
turbulence() – Stone
specular() – Bevel (default)
specular() – Inset
blur() – Drop shadow (default)
blur() – Drop shadow
blur() – Drop shadow