August 13, 2011

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June 21, 2011

Pergola 1.3.2 released.

Check out the mapping application example with Bing tiles. Layers, GeoJson features, navigation tools.

Pergola is released under a double license, commercial and Open Source GPL.


June 21, 2011

DOM Helper 2 in the Tiny Tools category. This progressive SVG DOM Helper, like its two HTML derivatives, is a universal node builder, in the sense that it will work for any SVG element, eliminating the need for defining individual classes for SVG elements, with their necessarily limited and arbitrary collection of n properties/attributes. It expects 1 object and returns a reference to the SVG element in the DOM. The object literal or reference passed as argument contains the definition of any attribute that needs to be set, including the style attribute, without any artifact or appendices, in one pass. The basic concept behind its design is that of interfacing the SVG library (the implementation) directly, using the library's language, with no need for cumbersome and redundant pseudo-languages. Once you use it you may find any JavaScript library to be old legacy. The DOM Helper 2 is one of the core components of Pergola.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License

September 18, 2010

GEMï 2.12 has been released. GEMï, now powered by Pergola, is a WOS, a fully featured, integrated multi-window system suitable for presentations as well as complex interactive projects (maps, scientific, educational) and extremely simple to adapt to your needs. It is presented with an example of a basic, non interactive application. Instructions and use are included in the package and are also available through the help menu. The downloadable zip package contains the bare version with no demo examples. GEMï is FREE TO USE software. It is no longer under the LGPL or GPL license. See the TERMS OF LICENSE included in the package for restrictions.



And a big THANK YOU to those users of the library who drop me a couple of nice lines.

Domenico Strazzullo
SVG consultant


Some of these demos have declarative animations and will only work with IE + ASV or Opera.

technical drawing of a Roots type compressor. Declarative animation.

essay with polygons, patterns and gradients.

Gearobolo and Gearoboli
two artworks created for the KDE 3.4 wallpaper competition made in collaboration with designer Jayne De Sesa. Nothing transcendental, just SVG wallpapers. For evaluation purposes the color shifts in these versions make a complete cycle in 2/4 min, the final versions being 1/4 hours. Gearobolo is a projection of Myron's Discobolus, 450 b.C.

horse in motion. Faithful reproduction. Declarative animation.

Dr Fifty
meet doctor Fifty. Art. Declarative animation.

SS 11
animated landscape from a travelling experience. Declarative animation.

second episode of Stick's Computed Dream. Interactive game. Declarative animation and script.

Color wheel
simulation of a classic optical experiment. Declarative animation and script.

Stick's Computed Dream. A short, animated story. Declarative animation and script.

Image pop-up
picture distortion. All declarative. Photo courtesy of Paula Gillen ©

Glass globe
filters. Dramatic lighting controlled by collapsible, resizable interface. Declarative animation and script.


Codetronix project
The company's specifications required the building of a subsystem of interactive windows with current features like zooming, scrolling, displacement, collapse, maximize, menus, debugger like functions, etc., which resulted in building a mini operating system and grafting it onto a pre-existing application. The application allows engineers to monitor programming procedures happening in parallel in microchips.,A key feature is the possibility of opening new windows: the program running in the microchip can present several thousands of procedures, with events activity taking place in parallel in different channels at a given time. The monitoring engineer must be able to simultaneously visualize procedures in a time zone other than the current or to check events taking place in procedures not currently shown. A demo will be available soon.

Corio project
The company's specifications required a vector based, interactive graphical interface that would allow the managers to consult the monthly results of the individual shops of several commercial centers. SVG was the perfect soultion. The accompanying script draws the data from a database using JavaServer Pages technology. Features include thematic, as well as global, data display; bar charts; classes; layers selection; full feature zoom and pan; help. Note for developers: Feel free to use routines from this code, not without giving credit to the author, thank you. Dotuscomus, Inc. holds the intellectual property of its copyrighted creations and the use of this complete svg+js work, in its actual form, for other commercial implementations without prior agreement with the author, is expressly prohibited. Previews no longer available on the company's demand. A fake build will be available soon.

Pat Oleszko
An internationally acclaimed performance artist whose work allowed the creation of a site as surprising as her inflatable sculptures. The biggest task was to make the site a reflection of the eccentric nature of the artist. It was entirely made in SVG and, to our knowledge, it is the first published third party SVG web site. Many thanks to Pat for accepting the challenge.


Following these links you will find everything you may possibly want to know about SVG. Some of these sites have been around for quite a while, pioneering the SVG community.

SVG magazine


SVG is implemented natively in Opera, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and IE9 browsers. For older versions of Internet Explorer, as well as other browsers, the Adobe ASV plugin is available.